Warmly congratulate our company in December to obtain a number of heavyweight certification

Warmly congratulate our company in December to obtain a number of heavyweight certification

Warmly congratulate our company in December to obtain a number of heavyweight certification

December is a month full of surprises and expectations. In this December, our factory has received a full range of quality inspection and production audit by the audit team from Dec. 7 to 9, and passed the annual audit certification of sedex4p and BSCI again and got the latest version of certification report.

Meanwhile, since August, our company has been comprehensively promoting the work of the factory’s two integration assessment and China high-tech enterprise certification. Finally in December came the good news that we were ahead of our peers and passed the audit and obtained the certification one after another.

Passed sedex4p/BSCI factory inspection

Sedex4p/BSCI factory inspection is quite strict. The audit team, through on-site inspection, file review and staff interview, considered that the establishment of various systems and measures from quality management, attendance management, production safety, labor protection, social responsibility, fire safety, human rights, etc. have reached international standards and fully affirmed our achievements in labor, ethics, human rights and environment. They also confirmed that our company has successfully passed the Sedex-4P/BSCI factory inspection and certification.

Factory obtained sedex4p certification

Our company has been working in the field of 3C accessories R&D and production for 16 years, and has passed ISO9001, Disney and other international certifications.We continue to provide ODM services for many international first-tier brands. This year, we have passed the international authoritative certification again, which indicates that our company has been operating legally in strict accordance with ethical standards and legal regulations for a long time, and can meet the strict production requirements of our customers. For customers to reduce the number of repeated audits factory inspection, reduce the risk of management control, but also to provide employees with a high standard of working environment, to promote the sustainable development of enterprises.

Factory obtained BSCI certification

Obtain certificate through two integration assessment

In 2022, our company started to fully implement the construction and transformation of intelligent demonstration factory, and established the integration management system based on the provisions of “Requirements for Integration of Informationization and Industrialization Management System” (GB/T 23001-2017) issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Obtaining the certificate marks that our factory has officially entered the initial stage of information management and intelligent manufacturing from the traditional manufacturing stage, forming the intelligent application of the whole process from product design to the whole cycle and link of production such as process, manufacturing, testing and logistics, realizing refined control, improving the efficiency of business process, optimizing resource allocation and avoiding human errors.

In the construction, application and management of information technology, our company has the core competitive advantage of being ahead of the peers. In the future, our company will continue to optimize management, promote the integration process of “two chemical” more standardized and efficient, and form a comprehensive information support for enterprise management decision and business development.

Awarded as “National High-tech Enterprise”

Recently, the office of Guangdong Provincial High-tech Enterprise Recognition Management Group announced the list of “High-tech Enterprises” in 2022, and our company was listed in the list.

Being awarded as a national high-tech enterprise means that our company has been recognized by the state in terms of technology accumulation, innovation service capability and achievement transformation capability. As a professional supplier of fashion FMCG products, we will continue to adhere to the strategic policy of development and innovation, continuously improve the level of product design and service, and create more value for our cooperative customers.

Big steps go slowly, small steps run fast. Some small steps should challenge the speed, burst up and start, catch up with the trend front, such as the market, such as production. Some big steps should forget about the speed, accumulate and continue to persevere and research, such as product development, such as rooted in the industry. There are fast and slow, one for one, only then can we stand firmly on the top of the wave. In the future, we will continue to plow and explore in the field of 3C fashion accessories, and participate in the global competition with better quality works and services.

All of us at C&T wish you a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas