iPhone 15 major upgrade: best sellers arrive

iPhone 15 major upgrade: best sellers arrive

iPhone 15 major upgrade: best sellers arrive

As the release date of the iPhone 15 gets closer, more information about the series has surfaced. According to reports, LG Display has increased the supply of OLED panels for Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro model by 50% compared to last year; the total stock of the first iPhone 15 will basically remain at around 90 million units.

Previously, the outside world for the iPhone 15 series of configuration updates spread a lot of explosive news, now please follow C&T together with what updates.

01. Exterior upgraded with titanium curved edges and thin bezels

First, the iPhone 15 series could be upgraded with titanium bezels and a rounded edge design similar to the MacBook Pro series. This material change made of stainless steel could significantly reduce the weight of the phone and optimize the user experience in the hand. From the exposed model picture, the iPhone 15 Pro series will have a thinner and narrower display bezel than ever before.

As you can see from the data, this year Apple is also attaching great importance to upgrading the base model. After all, from the previous years’ iPhone sales data, it is often the base model that continues to sell well, even though the Pro model has been upgraded more.

In addition, according to 9to5Mac, Apple is planning to develop new colorways for the iPhone 15 series in dark pink, light blue, and dark sienna.

Other regular updates are that iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus with A16 chip, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max with 3nm process A17 chip, still 6.1 and 6.7 inches combination.

02. Toggle mute button upgrade

From the renderings exposed by the foreign media, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will be upgraded from the previous classic physical mute button to Action press button, supporting custom functions similar to Apple Watch Ultra: switch ring/mute, do not disturb mode, flash, power saving mode, open notification center, open camera, etc.

03. The whole series is equipped with the Dynamic Island design

The Dynamic Island feature is currently exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro model, but rumor has it that Apple will remove the notch entirely in the iPhone 15 series and upgrade the entire lineup to Dynamic Island, a design that will make the iPhone 15 Standard / Plus version even more functional and useful.

04. Periscope lens – Pro Series exclusive

The iPhone 14 Pro series released in 2022 has a more significant camera upgrade, with its primary camera upgraded to 48 megapixels. It is said that iPhone 15 Pro series may directly upgrade the periscope lens to support up to 6x optical zoom, exclusive for Pro series. The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus may be upgraded to 48 megapixel main camera, allowing users to use the Pro-level image effect at a lower price.

05. Completely updated USB-C interface

After a decade of using the Lightning port, the iPhone15 could eventually change to a USB-C port. This is because legislation has been passed in the EU in 2022 requiring Apple iPhones and many other wired charging devices to be equipped with a USB-C port by 2024 in order to be sold in the region.

There are also reports that Apple has introduced a USB 4 retimer chip for the USB-C port, resulting in more stable and faster transfer speeds. With data transfer speeds of up to 40 Gbps, almost twice the speed of USB 3.0, USB 4 is understood to be a major selling point for the iPhone 15 series.

Device upgrades and configuration iterations are meant to comply with market and user needs, in order not to be abandoned by users. We will see what kind of product solution Apple will eventually adopt.

New C&T products at a glance

The C&T team has already mastered the data of the new iPhone models with first-hand speed, and has launched case accessories for the four major iPhone 15 models. Cross-border e-commerce teams and private brands in urgent need of iPhone case supply chain resources are welcome to enquire about customisation. We promise that we will replace your case for free if the data is incorrect.