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Plastic siege,We invite you to join us

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Update time : 2022-04-09 09:55:34

The launch ceremony of the national carbon emission trading market was officially held on the morning of July 16th. Vice Premier Han Zheng of The State Council attended and announced the official launch of the national carbon emission trading market.

Due to the huge global scale, plastics are really important components of energy and chemical industry. Therefore, plastic recycling is not only an important means of carbon reduction, but also will become one of the important driving forces for the future profit of chemical enterprises. Many enterprises have been paying attention to and layout this investment in advance.

The current global plastic output: 300 million tons/year, the total output of 9.1 billion tons so far, these plastic waste is difficult to degrade, seriously damage the ecological balance of the earth. But the recycling rate is not enough 14%!

We are on the move

What we can do right now: Saving the earth, reducing plastic waste, using recyclable materials, and increasing the recycling rate of plastic .On the one hand, reduce the waste of plastic waste, through the recycling of plastic, can make plastic recycling, not waste, to make the best use of things; On the other hand, reducing the use of plastic raw materials, by adding different proportions of recycled plastic such as 20% / 50% / 70% to make new plastic products, can reduce the use of raw materials.

Our factory is the first phone case supplier with GRS certification (global recycling standard) in China, and has the qualification to purchase recycled raw materials from GRS certified suppliers to make finished products. Apply for transaction certificate for finished products with more than 20% recycled raw materials and GRS product label for finished products with more than 50% recycled raw materials. Product TC trading certificate can be issued for each GRS order.

In terms of raw materials, our TPU recycled raw materials utilization rate can reach 100%! PU: the utilization rate of recycled raw materials is above 60%, all suppliers of recycled raw materials have passed GRS certification, and the whole chain can be traced. Reduce plastic for the earth, make a real contribution.

Power to ensure,Support environmental protection

Our factory covers a total area of 10,000 square meters, 100,000 grade dust-free injection workshop, constant temperature 26℃ production environment, is the guarantee of high quality products.

Our factory has more than 20 product engineers and designers

Our own laboratory can carry out more than 20 tests to meet various quality requirements.

A large number of manipulator was put into production, the efficiency was doubled, and the annual shipment exceeded 15 million.

New trend of the environmental protection GRS products





More GRS products can consult us customized, a variety of styles, a variety of technology optional, welcome OEM/ODM!

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