Green Program

1% Time: Calling on employees to participate in environmental actions, never less than 1% of the time.

1% influence: Use 1% influence to create more value and promote more public welfare actions.

1% Focus: Focus on 1% of public welfare projects, such as ecological protection and green reforestation.

C&T's Decade of Dedication to Sustainability

We firmly believe that business can be a force for good. For C&T, environmental protection is not just a piece of paper certification, it is a philosophy. From product design, production, to end-of-life, we have an obligation to reduce pollution generated at all stages of a product’s entire life cycle. Therefore, C&T has never stopped innovating for the environment.

C&T became the first company in China's 3C industry to be certified by GRS.

C&T develops 100% biodegradable materials and obtains biodegradable certification for raw materials.

C&T partners with fruit waste supplier to apply bio-based materials to cell phone cases

C&T has strengthened the development of new environmentally friendly materials/processes and now has 36 environmentally friendly materials.

Nonprofit partners sought for 1%
Green program

In 2022, C&T officially launched the “1% Green Plan”.1% Green program represents a green initiative of businesses, individuals and environmental partners to address our planet’s most pressing environmental issues.We will take a “small action” + “big plan” approach to put environmental protection into practice and create a series of eco-friendly 3C accessories that truly meet the needs of society and the expectations of consumers. We invite you to participate in this green action and practice brand social responsibility and sustainable development together.

Our Manufacturing - Material Reduction Initiative

"Develop at least 2 recycled/recyclable materials per year"

In exploring a sustainable path, C&T continues to deepen its partnership with environmentally friendly material suppliers. We are exploring, sharing, and researching about the development of eco-friendly materials, and adopting more recycled and renewable materials in product design to protect the earth. We plan to develop at least two recycled/renewable materials each year, and to design products for carbon impact by increasing recycled content, using materials more efficiently, and reducing the amount of energy they use, while giving our partner customers more eco-friendly material options.

Our Action - Earth Protection Public Welfare Action

"422 Brand Public Welfare Day"

C&T focuses on the impact of individuals on the environment and makes April 22nd of every year the World Earth Day as the brand public welfare day. Every year, the company organizes and plans various environmental protection activities, for example, in 2021, we held an employee pick-up run to strengthen employees’ concern and care for the global environment. Mission in the shoulder, step by step.

Our impact - 1% for yourself, 100% for the planet

"1% Green Program"

Starting from December 1, 2022, C&T officially launches the 1% Green Initiative, 1% Time + 1% Impact + 1% Focus. We promise to actively participate in sustainable public welfare every year to create measurable environmental impact and contribute to environmental protection.