Expand the “carbon neutrality” map, C&T invites you to join the green initiative!

Expand the “carbon neutrality” map, C&T invites you to join the green initiative!

Expand the “carbon neutrality” map, C&T invites you to join the green initiative!

As the first phone case manufacturer in the industry to obtain GRS certification (Global Recycled Standard), C&T has recently joined hands with SGS, the world-renowned testing organization, to set up the special team for “carbon neutralityity” and layout “carbon neutralityity”. “Carbon footprint” project, from raw materials, production, recycling the whole process to explore the “low carbon” new technology, to help fashional enterprises / brands to achieve sustainability.

Carbon neutrality means that the total amount of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas emissions generated directly or indirectly by an enterprise, group or individual within a certain period of time can be offset by energy saving and emission reduction to achieve relative “zero emissions”.

Carbon neutralityity will inevitably affect the future “economic freedom” of enterprises. Behind it lies the next global industry revolution, which will lead the future direction of almost all international industries.

1. Global policy direction, sustainable action is imminent

In 2016, in the face of global crises and challenges such as climate change, 175 countries reached a consensus on the implementation of emission reduction and carbon reduction to address global climate change, and signed the Paris Agreement. There is no national distinction, and “carbon neutralityity” has become the global proposition.

2. Consumer awareness is awakening, and well-known brands have already seized the opportunity

According to the Carbon Trust, about 2/3 of global consumers will prefer companies that take practical action to reduce the carbon emissions of their products. Consumers are starting to consider environmental protection and sustainability as important reference factors in their consumption decisions, so it is an imminent challenge for companies to quickly follow international policies and deploy carbon neutralityity.

Back in 2018, Stella McCartney, adidas and 130 other fashion industry brands signed the UN Charter for Climate Action in the Fashion Industry to support the sustainable development of the global fashion industry through enhanced recovery and high recycling.

To live from change or die from stubbornness is a proposition that companies must answer.

In recent years, carbon neutralityity is destined to explode in growth. However, C&T’s carbon neutrality layout for the 3C industry has actually been in place for a long time – in 2017, C&T’s 10000+㎡ factory passed the environmental assessment qualification. At that time, although the “double carbon target” was not yet clear, C&T’s enthusiasm to respond to international policies was already evident, and it consistently tried to break through the industry’s sustainability dilemma with its own production capacity.

About carbon neutralityity, about sustainability.

C&T is not planning, it’s doing.

C&T’s “carbon neutrality” map

1.3C industry’s first GRS-certified company in China

As the first GRS certified company in China, C&T has been committed to providing sustainable digital accessory solutions for fashion companies/brands. We can issue product TC trading certificate for each GRS order, provide traceable GRS product labels for each GRS product, and let the terminal know the product production information and recycling ratio in an open and transparent way to help companies achieve sustainable fashion.

2. The first company to develop GRS and biodegradable phone cases

A plastic bottle can be made into a GRS phone case by C&T after recycling. In terms of raw materials, TPU/PC/PET/Polyester: 100% recyclable raw material usage rate; PU: 63% recyclable raw material usage rate, a figure unmatched in the industry.

C&T uses a biodegradable environmental protection material made of PBAT + PLA + bamboo fiber by special compound instead of ordinary plastic.

3. Continued development of eco-friendly materials in the future

Our steps do not stop here. In recent years, C&T has continued to explore and develop new materials: biodegradable, GRS, IMD, silicone, functional PU, and many others. In the future, we will make breakthroughs in process, equipment and technology point by point to reduce energy consumption, carbon emission.

4. Cooperation with SGS, the world’s leading third-party testing organization, to explore

C&T and SGS have been cooperating for many years, including TPU, PU and other raw materials certification and factory acceptance. In the future, we will continue to cooperate with SGS in the field of “carbon neutralityity” to reduce carbon emissions in the production process with better quality raw materials and more advanced production processes, and increase the utilization rate of biodegradable recycling to meet customers’

The next change of mankind will be driven by the demand for environmental protection. Are you ready?

*SGS: Founded in 1878 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, SGS has more than 1,250 offices and specialized laboratories and over 64,000 employees worldwide, providing inspection, accreditation, testing and certification services in 143 countries. It is currently the world’s largest third-party multinational company engaged in product quality control and technical accreditation, and is a leading global inspection, accreditation, testing and certification organization.