Banna tour with laughter, riding the wave of success

Banna tour with laughter, riding the wave of success

Banna tour with laughter, riding the wave of success

That’s right, C&T went on a collective trip to Xishuangbanna!

In June this year, in the last month when the first half of 2022 was about to close, we set a sprint goal, and in just 30 days, challenge ourselves, build up, and strive to reach it with all staff in an exuberant state, and set a new record for the highest performance in a single month in the first half of the year!

Each of our efforts is a gesture, are a perseverance upward spirit. For the sake of distant poetry and to prove ourselves, we rode the wave and finally won the battle.

As a result-oriented company, we dare to fight and set goals, so we are naturally motivated. So, after all C&T employees voted unanimously, we planned a trip that we said we would take. In July of the summer, in the season of burning passion, with the greatest enthusiasm of C&T people, we set off for Xishuangbanna to start a 5 days and 4 nights joyful tour!


Xishuangbanna, C&T is on the way

In 5 days and 4 nights, our footprints ranged from the Mengdong Buddha Temple to the Wild Elephant Valley, from the Mango Park to the Starlight Night Market, from the primeval forest to the 10,000 mu tea plantation. We shuttled through Xishuangbanna to see the magical natural landscape of tropical rainforest, visit the charming Dai villages and taste the longed-for Dai cuisine.

Watching flocks of peacocks flying high on their wings

Also get up close and personal with the naive elephants

The rain could not douse the enthusiasm of C&T people, we held colorful water basins in the rain and splashed water with abandon, washing away past misfortunes and splashing away good blessings, staging a full-bodied day of revelry.

When you come to Xishuangbanna, you must experience an exotic style of the Dai people. Look at the C&T girls wearing their special ethnic costumes and transforming into “Dai Beauty”, leaving the most beautiful moments in Mandae Park and the night market of Gongzhuang.


Work hard, play hard

On this trip to Banna, if you go deeper into the C&T team, you will feel our positive and tacit team atmosphere. It is also the team’s centripetal force and hard work that gives this trip a more profound meaning.

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This is the credo of C&T people: work with all your might, play with all your heart. At the lively bonfire party, C&T family members held hands and danced around the bonfire, raised glasses and drank, anchored the PK sprint goal in August, played together, fought together, carried the burden together and did it together.

This is the end of the 5 days and 4 nights tour in Xishuangbanna. Adhering to the C&T style of “play seriously, be wild and work hard”, we spent 5 days in Xishuangbanna to have fun, develop tacit understanding, accumulate strength and enrich ourselves. Next, we will return to work, meet the challenge in a better condition, set off and sprint for the next flag, ride the waves and grow at the highest and farthest point, and start a new journey of C&T.