2022 Review | C&T Annual Highlight Review

2022 Review | C&T Annual Highlight Review

2022 Review | C&T Annual Highlight Review

The year 2022 was complicated and contradictory
Changing times and the unresolved situation in Kosovo
Recurring epidemics and a global “layoff wave”
The extreme weather sweep, the spreading mountain fires in Europe

An inch of blade, a foot of velvet
There were many good things that happened this year

The successful conclusion of the four-year Beijing Olympics
China’s three-year-long epidemic prevention and control was fully liberalized
Canada takes a lead in environmental protection and issues a plastic ban
Lionel Messi finally fulfills his dream of becoming the Ballon d’Or at the World Cup in Qatar

Whether it’s pessimism, or bucking the trend
This is our common memory and experience
Now 2022 is over
Before starting a new journey
C&T will review the annual events of 2022 brand
Record and revisit the moments that stirred the hearts of people

Overview of C&T’s 2022 success stories

Annual shipments of 16,000,000 units
(55% of the new iPhone 14 series)

40% year-over-year growth in annual results

38% growth in new customer volume

NO.1 Brand Power

C&T launched a new brand strategy
Fast customization, heavy R&D, and growth

In the 16 years since its establishment, C&T has been making bold breakthroughs and insisting on innovation every year to continuously create high-quality and fashionable electronic accessories for global customers. With the expansion of the company in recent years and the further enhancement of its operational capacity, C&T has upgraded its corporate development strategy & visual image in May 2022 in order to provide more professional services to global customers. In the layout of the new strategy, C&T’s business map in the next five years will focus on five categories – cell phone cases, headphone cases, watch bands, tablet covers and computer bags – to create more business value for customers through the research and development, design and production of the five categories.
In 2023, a new look, a new journey, a new future.

Flexible Customization and Fast Delivery for Brands since 2006

Office environment decoration upgrade
Break down the team communication wall

As an innovative company that maintains a high growth rate, the size of C&T is also increasing with the expansion of business needs. In order to make the team bring better service experience to customers and to make the communication between departments closer and more efficient, we have renovated and upgraded the office area in 2022, which is open, accessible, simple and close, where the C&T team will be more valuable.

Office environment decoration upgrade
Break down the team communication wall

NO.2 Productivity

The factory won the two integration assessment
and national high-tech enterprise assessment

In 2022, C&T actively responded to the national call and began to fully implement the construction and transformation of intelligent, informationized and digital factories. When the peer rivals started to plan the layout, C&T factory had already dared to be the first to be in the forefront, and was the first to obtain the assessment of the integration of two. In December of the same year, C&T Factory was selected from more than 10,000 organizations/individuals in the province for its excellent technology accumulation and innovation ability, and was honored to be listed as a “National High-tech Enterprise”.

The factory won the two integration assessment

Passed the surprise factory inspection
Factory received 3 more international certifications

In 2022, Disney and international auditing agencies conducted surprise factory inspections on our company one after another. After the all-round audit of the factory, the audit team gave high recognition to our quality management and and social responsibility system, and informed us that we passed the disney certification, sedex4p certification and BSCI annual audit certification again, and granted the latest version of the certification report.
In 2023, we will continue to do the right thing, not the easy thing.

Passed the surprise factory inspection
Factory received 3 more international certifications

NO.3 Product Power

Continued exploration of sustainable materials
Join hands with SGS to lay out carbon neutrality

In 2022, C&T cooperated deeply with many environmental protection material suppliers, developed as many as 36 categories of environmental protection materials and designed as many as 185 new environmental protection products throughout the year, and distilled and summarized the year’s environmental protection results to form a highly valuable international environmental protection report, providing high-value reference documents for our cooperative customers in laying out sustainable fashion. In May of the same year, C&T again joined hands with SGS, a world-renowned testing organization, to set up a special carbon neutral team to explore new “low-carbon” technologies from raw materials, production and recycling to help fashion companies achieve sustainability.

eco friendly material

Established Product Innovation Center
Launching 300+ new products every month

C&T understands that product innovation is the foundation for long-term business development. Therefore, we invest 10% of our annual turnover in product development. Every month, more than 20 product designers make original designs according to market trends and customer needs, launching as many as 300 new products/month. 2022, C&T specially established the Product Innovation Center, a department led by the CEO with more than 10 professional senior engineers such as mold engineers, sample making engineers, material engineers, QC, etc., to provide 1V1 product development services for VIP customers to meet customization requirements of different brands.

iPhone14 phonecase

NO.4 Marketing Power

Exhibition/live broadcast go hand in hand
Monthly foresight report

In 2022, the C&T team successfully participated in 2 grand industry exhibitions, held 1 large-scale live broadcast and 1 16th anniversary rebate activity after precise planning. In addition, the C&T Marketing Operations Center releases monthly industry report PPTs on industry trends, fashion styles, consumer reports and other dimensions, with the number reaching 48 throughout the year, providing customers with the most accurate and practical forward-looking trend forecasts and market intelligence at the first time.

 industry trends, fashion styles, consumer reports and other dimensions

NO.5 Team Force

Banna tour with unbridled laughter
Riding the wind and waves to create good results

In the first half of 2022, the C&T team was united to exceed the performance target. Under the organization of the company, the team planned a trip to Xishuangbanna in July, and started a 5-day/4-night joyful tour, leaving our footprints in the primeval forest, 10,000 mu tea garden, Dai villages, Wild Elephant Valley and Mengdao Buddha Temple in Xishuangbanna.
2023, start the journey of the next Flag, set off and sprint.

Team Force

5 minutes
From strategy upgrade, glory identification to product innovation
What is seen is the highlight moment of 2022 C&T
What is invisible is the efforts behind us
No compromise to the unknown, no concede to the professional
Rationality may make us retreat from difficulties
But innovation will make us never stop
One day of hard work, one day of harvest
2022, C&T’s mission has been achieved
2023, please wait and see!