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CTUNES 4D Curved Soft Edge Full Coverage Tempered Glass Screen Cover for Apple iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone 7 Plus
  • Choose the right case if the case curves over the edge of the phone it will interfere with the screen performance.This 3D full coverage screen protector will offer Edge to Edge full Coverage protection for your iPhone 7, and fits the phone's screen precisely. The PET soft edge screen protector, offers extra protection to the curved edges of the screen which prevents edge breakage and provides considerate full protection.
  • Usually, when the phone is dropped, the phone's screen will not be affected directly, instead the impact will be absorbed by the Soft PET frame material which offers "Edge to Edge Crash Protection". The 3D curved binding ensures tight fit without edge warping and disperses impact.
  • The selected glass material is 0.23 mm thick, the HD optical transmittance is highly transparent and provides a smoother hand touch sensibility, supporting 3D touch features. The 3D Round edge design provides full coverage to each edge, prevents dust from entry and provides smooth and naked iPhone screen experience, also, enhance compatibility with most cases.
  • The screen has a toughened 9H hardness rating, scratch-resistant, durable, explosion proof, even sharp objects such as knives and keys will not scratch the protector. The screen protector against sweat and oil residue, also offers precise cutouts for complete access to the home button, cameras, speakers, etc.


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